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Two Perfect and Easy Breakfast Smoothies

I’ve been teaching a workshop on Healthier Living, and each week the class members have to do an action plan – basically, something they want to achieve during the week. It can be anything from exercising to adding more fruits and vegetables to their meals to even just going to bed a little earlier.

As a facilitator, I have to do an action plan for myself every week as well.

This week I chose: make healthy smoothies for breakfast at least three times. Unfortunately, it didn’t start as well as I hoped. The first two smoothies – avocados and fruit, and lettuce and fruit – didn’t really do it for me. I worried that smoothies simply weren’t something that I was really into. But I still had to complete my action plan, which meant making more smoothies.

And then it happened – earlier today I found TWO smoothies that worked great! Not only did they taste FANTASTIC, I felt like my body was loving them, especially the parsley smoothie. For that, I used the same ingredients (plus extras) from a detox juice I had a couple weeks ago. The second smoothie, called Beauty Bonanza, just had a few small modifications: I made it non-dairy and used dates to sweeten it up instead of agave nectar.

Smoothie #1: Parsley, Cucumber, & Celery Smoothie (keeps you glowing all day)

– Handful parsley
– banana
– 4 stalks celery
– 2-4 persian cucumbers
– 1 green apple
– 1″ ginger
– One lemon, squeezed

Put all the ingredients in a blender, plus enough water to cover everything up. Blend until smooth. No joke, my skin was glowing after drinking this.

Smoothie #2: Beauty Bonanza Smoothie 


-1/2 cup frozen organic mixed berries blend
-1 orange, peeled and pits removed
-1 banana
-1/2 cup soy milk
-1/2 cup firm silken tofu
-2 tbsp chia seeds
-2 non-pitted dates

Put all the ingredients into a blender and run until smooth.

This is a great smoothie both for breakfast or post-workout because of the extra protein from the tofu. Very smooth and creamy consistency.

Fast Fact: 1/2 cup of tofu contains 10.1 grams of protein. The recommended daily intake is 56 grams for most men and 46 for most women. Also, firm tofu contains about 227 mg of calcium or about 22% of the recommended daily allowance.

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