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Our Favorite Vegan Mac and Cheeze Recipe

For our New Year’s Day dinner we decided to make a modified version of our favorite super-delicious mac & cheeze recipe from vegan yum yum. Read More

Roadside-Style Vegan Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs Stuffed With Cheese

You either love bacon-wrapped hot dogs, or you despise them. There’s no middle ground with these things. Almost exclusively made by road-side vendors who cook up the sizzling dogs with a crispy twist of pig fat, often with melted cheese filling a slit down the middle, usually late in the evening, near bars and clubs and places where  inebriated stomachs crave something quick and super-flavorful. I first saw them on my treks around Mexico, but nowadays you can find them in most major cities, if you know where to look. Read More

Easy-to-Make “No Huevos” Rancheros

Tonight’s dinner: “No Huevos” Rancheros — a vegan version of huevos rancheros, made with tofu (and sometimes called “tofu rancheros”). We usually get this dish at the 101 Coffee Shop, which is a 70s-looking diner joint underneath the Best Western hotel in Hollywood. Surprisingly (or not), this is where a lot of celebrities like to go to eat. It’s kind of a low-key place near the 101 freeway, hence the name. Read More

Stopping in Italy for Baked Pasta with Tomatoes

This week is Italian! Yum! Most pasta dishes are very easy to make and vegan friendly. Tomato sauce is really yummy and also good for you. Tomatoes have tons of Vitamin A and C and are excellent to use for home-made skincare remedies to make your skin look healthy and glowing. Read More

A Simple French Salad with Lentils and Tomatoes

Tonight’s recipe was simple and delicious — a French style salad with lentils and tomatoes. What made this dish really yummy was the red-wine vinegar, it really made the flavors pop. Read More

DIY Panini Press and the Most Awesome Eggplant Sandwich Ever!

The grilled eggplant panini from our favorite cute French Cafe Nicole’s is absolutely amazing. Every time we get this sandwich we say “I wish we could make this at home because it is SO GOOD.” Finally I bought some frozen grilled eggplant from Trader Joe’s to try to do it myself. Only one problem: we don’t have a panini maker. But with some simple ingenuity, we devised a way to make our own panini press. Read More

Make Your Own Vegan Poulet à l’orange

Tonight we decided to make Poulet à l’orange. English translation: Orange Chicken. For some reason, it doesn’t sound as exotic and sophisticated when you say it that way. C’est la vie. We came across the Orange Chicken recipe, well, actually Mike did, because we had the meat-less Gardein Chicken breast in the freezer that I wanted to use. It was prefect, the recipe also calls for sliced up fennel, and we just happened to have a fennel in our fridge. As a side we made French style Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts taste really good and great for you – I love them! Read More

Do It Yourself Vegan Mini Quiche Lorraines

I never thought I would be making homemade quiche, let alone cute mini size ones – I even made the crust! This was the perfect week to make quiche, seeing that we are exploring France. After the dish was made, I was pondered on why it’s called Quiche Lorraine, and found the reason – read it here. Read More

A New Vegan Twist to the French Sandwich Croque Monsieur

Bonjour everyone! Guess “where” we are this week…no it’s not Montreal, it’s France. We decided to cook meals from this country while strolling by our cute little French cafe, Nicole’s, just around the corner from our place. Every time you’re there, you’re surrounded by French music, French food, and the French-speaking owners. I love feeling like I’m in another country. Read More

If You Can’t Decide What To Order: Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box

Getting close to the end of Japanese week. For lunch we went to a local Japanese place called Maki Yaki where we often eat. It’s quick and easy, it’s sort of like a fast-food Japanese joint. Not the best place to get high-quality sushi but we usually get avocado rolls, which are safe anywhere you  go. Read More