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Homemade Pineapple and Pomegranate Chia Seeds Drink

Chia seeds have quickly become the current health food rage, with great benefits like promoting cardiovascular health, assisting with joint function & mobility, improving digestion & natural detoxification, and supporting healthy weight loss. They’re easy to use; you can add them whole to any meal you’d like since they’re pretty much flavorless and don’t have to be ground (unlike flax seeds). We have been adding them to our food, about a tablespoon per dish, and enjoying their crunchy texture. Also, when chia seeds are put in water, they expand in size and form a gel coating. We were introduced to one of the new chia-laden juices at Whole Foods recently, thanks to a kindly person passing out drink samples.

Today, we wanted to replicate that pomegranate drink we had (it’s not cheap), so we made a mix of pineapple juice with pomegranate juice and added three tablespoons of chia seeds. Here’s what we did:

– One can (about 1 1/2 cups) of pineapple of juice (Trader Joe’s)
– 1/2 of cup of Pomegranate Juice (Trader Joe’s)
– 3 tablespoons Chia seeds (bulk section at Whole Foods; best prices overall seem to be on Amazon with free shipping)
– Tight lid bottle.

Mix seeds and juice in container.
Shake periodically for 15 seconds at a time.
It took ours about thirty minutes for the seeds to transform from a lifeless collection at the bottom of the bottle, to floating evenly throughout the drink with their distinct gel-y consistency.

Side note: Next time I think I’ll use less pineapple juice or mix water to dilute it more —  it was a bit too sweet..

Update: I’ve discovered that the seeds get that desirable gel cover faster in water than in juice — and even more so in warm water. If you want to accelerate the process and don’t mind watering down your juice a bit, soak the seeds in water before adding the juice in. Fast!

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